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We create sound and music for linear media like film and animation, but we also work on projects that offer a non-linear experience, like games, VR applications and interactive installations in museums, or e-learning apps. In these projects, sound doesn’t follow a predetermined path. Instead, it adapts to several possible situations at any given time, determined by the actions of the user.


Get exciting pieces written specifically for your medium of choice, to translate your message and evoke emotion, using Audiomeda’s experienced composition team


From well-loved cinema to prime time radio, our sound designers are equally adept at mixing for all platforms


We are musical storytellers. Whether it’s grand orchestral gestures, subdued soundscapes or rousing beats: our  music tells the story you want

Sound Design

What does a village at night, a mythical forest, the engine of a 2030 F1 race car sounds like? At Audiomeda, we build whole worlds of sound

We truly listen
to you

We understand that there are a million challenges in your way, so we want to help. Recordings sound incredible, but not just because of the equipment.
Because we care and we've spent thousands of hours talking to artists, producers, directors, everyone! Scalable options to fit your budget with seamless high-quality audio solutions in fast turnaround times.

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Check our work

Don't just take our word for it, look at our vast experience and portfolio (youtube, film, podcasts, commercials). We can provide you with the perfect music for your video or soundscape- from our talented composers or your choice of a royalty-free track.
We utilise sophisticated software and sample libraries to create a bespoke musical accompaniment, or original composition, tailored specifically to your needs.

The Green Line

01. -
The Green Line
The Green Line is a VR short film that premiered in Cannes Festival 2018. It documents areas of the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus, some unseen by the public since 1963. The Green Line immerses viewers into one of the most restricted places on the planet, in an effort to raise international awareness for the current political situation in Cyprus, a nation divided.
  • Score
  • Mixing
  • Implementation
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Raji: An Ancient Epic

02. -
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Raji: An Ancienrt Epic was released on all major gaming platforms and has since won multiple award around the globe. Crafted by a passionate team Raji features, for the very first time, a game world set in ancient India and infused with Hindu and Balinese mythology. The game brings a refreshing new style to the genre. Every corner of the game’s environment combines hand-painted textures, rendered in 3D.
  • Score
  • Mixing
  • Sound Design
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03. -
Katabasis is an hour-long theatrical performance, a decent to the underworld, a meditation on human transience, an attempt to counter the weight of the world through lightness. The stage becomes a flexible space for experimentations, Bodies experience different types of death, landscapes are being constructed and then deconstructed – the world is being fragmented, stretched - created again, again, and again.
  • Sound Design
  • Foley
  • Mixing
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Pausis Debut Album

04. -
Pausis Debut Album
Pausis is an ancient world music ensemble with live performances and collaborations around the world, such as the Archaeological Museum of Nicosia (Cyprus), Museum of Byzantine Culture (Greece), Pirenostrum festival (Spain), Ville Grecque Kerylos Museum (France), et cetera. The band features the ancient lyre as its main instrument, masterfully framed by outstanding female vocalists and soundscapes straight out of the greatest ancient civilizations of the Meditteranean sea.
  • Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
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Current highlight

Check out our current highlight of a live performance in Axiothea, Nicosia, Cyprus, recorded and mixed by Audiomeda.

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How we work

Custom tailored solutions for you

We like to be actively involved in an early stage, so we can best use our knowledge and know-how on how sound and music can contribute to your project.
Depending on the type of project, our conceptual involvement may be large or small. And our advice can be creative or technical or both

  • Discuss the project

    We want to first fully understand what you want

    A video call is arranged with a member of our team so we can grasp every little detail of your audio needs


  • Develop & elaborate

    We provide samples of work in every step needed

    We work closely with creators during the project utilising online tools for fast revisions and feedback


  • Final approvement

    At Audiomeda we are not happy, until you are happy

    Multiple revisions ensure a final result that will be up to the highest standards even in the most demanding situations



We think of everything
so you won't

How can music be deployed to make your podcast even more exciting? How can discussing sound design during script development make your story even more compelling? But also: how do we provide an interactive installation in the museum with sound for a single visitor, without causing too much interference to other visitors? Or, how can we make best use of the sound capabilities that a game engine offers us?


No inspiration ?

we can compose a starting idea so we can have something to discuss
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No studio?

We can bring our studio to you, and record everything on location
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No instrument?

We can even create custom app for your platform of choice so you can perform, control, whatever you like!
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No musicians to record?

we can provide session musicians to participate in the recording
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No trancscriptions?

Our team of transcribers can provide any transcription needed for any purpose
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